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Serpent Fury moves to Kazzak

NNMike / Jun 10, 2013
Looking for the old forums? Find them here!

Serpent Fury has now moved to Kazzak, please comment here for any site change requests/suggestions.

Also, please feel free to populate the forums with relevant useful information.

As a note, please remember to add your active characters to the roster and test that they are correctly configured by accepting/declining the upcoming event.



Making a note that I want to change the banner :).

Adds will disappear when billing is sorted;
-Guild Ox hopefully will update
-Progression (mirroring old website) will be available
-Possibility for mumble/web support

Site bones Completed! Thanks Antvi for the Banner

Font Colours:
9CFF6E For Important Info
42B1B8 For Links (Auto)
FFFFFF For Titles and Subjects
666666 For Edits

Font Sizes :
11px Default
15px Titles
13px Important Info
9px Edits

Site subscription is now in place and Mumble has switched over. Progressions and Mumble activity are updated to display on side navigation.

Confirming here for people who are unsure, Yes, Donate goes directly to me to aid the $9 Month Site/Mumble service fee. :)

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