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The Future of Serpent Fury
Serpent Fury Recruiting
Risen from the ashes, I am reborn!

I have but a simple question; do you want to join Serpent Fury?

If you do, I must warn you the path we walk will not be an easy one. There are monsters of unspeakable evil and ferocity in our world, and it is only in our strength, our commitment and sheer force of will that we strive forwards, defeating all those who dare look down on us for being mortal!

Our brothers and sisters have challenged the lord of death, the prince of plagues.. Arthas, the Lich King ..and lived to tell the tale.

When the world was on the brink of destruction, we did not kneel and pray - we were the miracle that healed the Azeroth, and sent the Earth-warden to his doom.

Now we face a new threat. Our very Warchief is turning against us, a group once held strong is now crumbling. We must find a way to end this mockery of a leadership before the Horde falls.

So, I ask you one more time - do you want to be part of our band of raiders, to accept your role as a hero, to protect your YOU want to join Serpent Fury?

If so, continue within and reveal the mystery that awaits.
NNMike / Jun 10, 2013
Looking for the old forums? Find them here!

Serpent Fury has now moved to Kazzak, please comment here for any site change requests/suggestions.

Also, please feel free to populate the forums with relevant useful information.

As a note, please remember to add your active characters to the roster and test that they are correctly configured by accepting/declining the upcoming event.

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